Value Equals Your Success

Grind and Win

There’s No Secret To Success

Add value.  No, strike that – add massive value.  That’s the answer I give whenever I’m asked what the secret is to success in a large company.

It Really Is That Obvious

Frankly, I’m always shocked by the inquiry.  Given that so many people, especially those in their 50s, are so worried about losing their job and protecting their way of life, I would think finding ways to add massive value daily, would be a given.  Unfortunately, like so many other things, people want to look right past the obvious and find the “secret formula”.

There Really Is No Other Route To Success

So just to make sure there is no confusion, I’ll say it again: The key to success is adding massive value in whatever you do, day after day.  No days off.  Nothing less than a 100% “all in” effort.

Adding Value Puts You In Control of Your Life

Dedication to this principle is critical to a life “Playing Offense”, i.e. a life in which you’re in complete control.

Why? Because the more value you create, the more you are worth.  The more you are worth, the more you dictate how much you’ll earn, where you’ll live, how much you’re respected and what kind of relationships you have. 

Still doubtful?  Lets look at two examples of this law in effect:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2016 the 3 Time FIFA Player of The Year, professional football (soccer) player Cristiano Ronaldo, was the highest paid athlete in the world earning over $88 million.  Is he worth it?  Well, lets take a look at the value he creates:

As arguably the best player in the game he creates tremendous value for his team, Real Madrid, in terms of tickets sales and major television contracts – all driven by people who want to watch the team because of him.

Ronaldo’s value is further enhanced by the money he generates for companies like Nike who make tens of millions of dollars in sales by having their product associated with him (shoes, shirts, etc).

Once you do the math, is easy to see how he not only justifies $88 million in earnings, but how it is actually a small fraction of the massive value he creates.

2. The Typical Fortune 500 CEO

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about executive compensation.  In 2015, the average CEO earned a little over $16 million per year.  Is this justified?

The CEO is in charge of overseeing strategy and making decisions that, if successful, creates billions of dollars in value- not just in company earnings, but for the investors and stock market that benefit.

This Law Applies To Relationships Too

Of course choosing the right person to spend our life with is paramount; however, if you want to feel appreciated, loved, etc, then how much value can you bring to the relationship?

Are you a taker, or do you give of yourself, time, presence, all of the things that make you valuable to your family or someone else?

Stop Whining and Create Massive Value

So not to be a jerk, but the next time your co-worker starts complaining that they’re unappreciated or not making enough money, ask them: “what value have you created to be appreciated or earn more”?

This Applies To You Most Of All

The next time you feel under appreciated or under paid, evaluate the recent value you’ve created and challenge yourself on how you can create more.  This is an offensive mentality. 

Value Requires Work and Effort

Being valued and rewarded is all about doing the work and putting in the effort to earn that value.  This means making those extra cold calls when everyone else has gone home, spending extra time on a project that saves the organization money or gives it a competitive advantage, and all of the other things that most people frankly aren’t willing to do.

Beast Mode

Youtube sensation and hip hop preacher Eric Thomas likes to say everyone wants to be a Beast until it comes to the work necessary to be one.

Put in the work and create superior value, this will give you the right to command superior value and that’s playing offense!

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 Angelo Lombardo is a Fortune 500 Executive who helps other executives and managers build an “Offensive” mentality to achieve success in their careers and lives.  You can find out more about him at

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