Settling Is Never The Answer

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Everyone Is Tempted To Settle

Settle for “good enough”.  You read all the books on success and, you followed blogs that celebrate those who push through adversity to attain their career or business goals.

However, what those articles and books don’t talk about is that after the enthusiasm wears off the long slow grind begins.  It becomes hard.  You wonder if you’ll ever reach your goal.  You question whether it is worth the effort.

Beware of Good Enough

It’s during this time when progress is slow and hard, it’s easy to give up and “settle” for current career and life.

You start trying to convince yourself that your vision is unrealistic.  You being thinking that things are “good enough”, so you can stop trying.

Make no mistake, “settling” is just another term for quitting. 

Don’t give up on what’s rightfully  yours – your dream, your desire for a better life, your God given right to have something better and to make a difference in the lives of your family and those around you.

A Proven Formula To Reach Your Goals

The steps below provide a time tested road map to avoid “settling” for good enough and to keep you on the road to your goal.

1. Keep Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

A proven way to keep from settling is to keep pushing beyond your comfort zone.  No matter how uncomfortable it becomes, it’s critical that you get as far from your old routines as possible. 

The farther you get from your old way of doing things, the more likely it is that you’ll ultimately be successful.  This isn’t “rah, rah, mumbo jumbo”, it’s based in our biological make up.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone “Rewires” Your Brain

As you move away from your comfort zone, you lose your sense of control.  This triggers the natural survival instinct that we all have.  In an effort to “reestablish control”, our brain drives us towards our goal so we can restore the balance we felt in our old routine.   

Once a goal is reached, a new comfort zone is established.  Ultimately, the time will come to once again move forward.  Another term for this is “growth”.

However, none of this can take place if you don’t move beyond your current way of doing things.

Need some help to keep you going?  Use the ideas below to keep you moving away from your old life and toward the new one you deserve.

2. Remember Why You Started

Thinking about why you got started in the first place is a great exercise.  It reminds you that the unhappiness which originally compelled you to move will once again become your reality if you settle for “good enough”

3. Spend Your Time With The Right People

Jim Rohn once stated that “you are the average of the five people you spend your time with. Think about what a powerful affect that can have on your life and goals. 

If you spend time with people as motivated (or more motivated) as you, they’ll propel you forward when you feel like settling.

Here’s an even better idea: spend time with people who are more successful than you.  What you learn from them could significantly shorten the path to your goal.

4. Say Yes

When a new opportunity or experience comes along, jump at it (as long as it’s not harmful to yourself or others).  It’s so easy to say “no” to new experiences because they are, you guessed it, outside our comfort zone. 

Constantly trying new things is a proven method to shatter old routines, allowing you to grow toward your goal.  Remember, success is built on continuous growth.

The Difference Between “Winning” and “Losing”

I’ve written in these pages before that everyone wants to be a winner, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to accomplish their goals.

Never settle, never quit, push through and be in the small minority that can actually say: “I made it”.

Now go shake up your life.

Angelo Lombardo is a Fortune 500 senior executive at one of the worlds biggest consumer product companies. 

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