The Most Important Thing For Career Success

Sad Reality and Sheep

The sad reality of most people is that they rarely invest a significant amount of time building a plan for their success, career or anything else of significance. 

Rather, like sheep they meander from day to day, relationship to relationship, job to job without any real direction.

Playing Life On Defense

Something even worse that “wandering” through life is the strategy many people follow of playing “defense”. 

These people live their fears rather than their aspirations.  Sure they make plans, but not ones designed for success.  Instead,  they focus on what they don’t want to happen. 

The “strategy” is to “fly below the radar” avoiding risk, controversy, or anything else that could put them in jeopardy.

The result of “playing defense”, in life or business, is a stale existence in which most people’s brilliance is hidden under a blackout cloth of fear and “avoidance”. 

The great irony is that by hoping to “compromise” their life, most people end up living the very existence they were trying to avoid.  Resulting in very little, if any, success.   

Fortune Favors The Bold

We were not put on this earth to “play it safe”, but rather to live fully and with purpose.  As Caesar said, “Fortune Favors The Bold”.  I call this “Playing Offense”, i.e. a life built on your terms.  One that will yield incredible fulfillment, success and happiness. 

I’ve actually built my entire life, and a business, around this concept.

Life is too short live your fears.  Use the following points to “Play Offense” so you can live a life that is successful, fulfilling and happy.

Step 1: Be Honest With Yourself

Too often we “barter” away what we really want in life for what is safe or, what we’ve been told by our parents, friends, teachers, significant others, etc. what we should do.  Often these people have our success and best interest at heart, but they are providing advice based on their own “defensive” approach to the world.

No one can give you advice on how to be happy or successful.  In all areas of your life you and you alone must determine what you want commit to it.  And I mean really commit, no back up plans, safety nets, or “retirement options”.  All in.  Succeed or die trying. 

I like to use the analogy of Cortez.  Shortly after reaching Mexico his crew wanted to leave due to the harsh conditions.  He burned the ships to illustrate that succeeding in the new land was the only option available.   Now that’s commitment. 

Step 2: Make A Plan

You can’t play offense in life without a plan.  Why is this?  If up to this point your entire life has been dictated by your fears, it’s very unlikely you’ll wake up one morning and become a completely different person.  This is why planning is essential.  You need to map the path to success.

For example, if you’ve always want to start a business but don’t know how, your plan might include, classes on building a successful business, books, looking into the benefits of a franchise, etc.

Is your goal is to become a senior leader in corporate America?  Your plan will include building the correct network, and developing the correct skills to run a major organization.

You can enjoy success at virtually anything as long you build a plan.  It doesn’t even have to be perfect.   You just need to have something in place that you can take action against.  Which brings me to…..

Step 3: Take Action

There has been a lot written about the power of goals.  I believe in goals, but believe even more in the power of action.  Most people get stuck in their “compromised” life style because they simply do not take action to make it better.

People who play offense in life have a bias for action.  They realize that no matter how good or average their plan is, taking action brings a high likelihood of success.   

Step 4: Be Courageous

This is important.  You’ve made a decision to Play Offense in a world where people’s lives are dictated by their fears.  Invariably you will encounter pressure to “fall back in line” and “be like everyone else”.  This pressure may come from family, friends, managers, significant others or just about anyone else in your circle. 

You MUST be courageous and stay committed to the new standard you have set for yourself.  Ultimately you will find an environment filled with people who want to support and be inspired by you.

Don’t given in to the pressure to fold.  The world needs courageous people. 

Life Is Short

In the blink of eye 25 years can rattle by leaving people regretful that they lived a life based on fears that never materialized. 

Playing offense offers no guarantees that you’ll experience the success you want, but it does promise a life in which you’ll be much happier and fulfilled regardless of the outcome.

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