How To Overcome Fear and Insecurity

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

Fear Kills

After spending almost 25 years in corporate America at Fortune 500 companies, I’ve noticed that the biggest thing that halts success has nothing to do with skill or talent, but fear. 

Most people in corporate America allow fear to guide their decisions:

  • Not pursuing a particular job because they’re “afraid” of failing
  • Not standing up for their opinions because they “fear” how they’ll be perceived
  • Acting like someone they’re not because they’re “scared” that their true self might not be acceptable
  • “Fear” of making the wrong choice for a difficult problem
Not Just In Business

Fear doesn’t just rule the business world.  Many people live a “defensive” life – each day is focused on what they “don’t” want to happen instead of pursuing their goals.

We’re Wired For Fear

Fear thrives in our natural human programming which is to avoid all things associated with pain, loss and rejection.  It’s been an essential part of our survival.

Time To Rewire

Although fear played a key role in advancing the human race, it has now become a major obstacle for personal and professional advancement, happiness and fulfillment. 

It’s time to rewire the brain, so people can start achieving their true potential.  But how?

Always play offense

Playing offense means aggressively pursuing a happy and fulfilling life.  A life driven by potential, goals and dreams – not fear.  A life in which “good enough” is no longer acceptable. 

How does one go from being dominated by fear to taming it?  Follow the offensive playbook for life:

Build A Plan

The unknown is a major source of fear.  Planning helps eliminate the unknown and put you in control of your future. Control inspires confidence and enthusiasm.

Don’t Play “What If”

Often the worst possible situation is the one people create in their heads.  These fears rarely come true and even if they do, they’re rarely as bad as imagined.    

Instead, dream about the life you’re building for yourself.  Use your imagination to actually feel satisfaction in your new life and career.

Do One Thing That Intimidates You Every Day

Facing your fears is the best way to overcome them.  However, this doesn’t require something extreme.  Confronting small anxieties on a daily basis can have a significant increase confidence over time. 

Saying hello to a stranger, defending an idea at work, or writing the first paragraph of a new business venture plan moves you into a life “playing offense”.

I Got This

Science has shown that your inner voice can be the most powerful confidence booster you have.  Repeating something as simple as “I can do this” throughout the day can play a key role in driving out your fears. 

Life is too short to live in fear.  Always Play Offense.

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