How To Build A Positive Mindset In 30 Days

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An Attitude That Took America To The Moon

WOW!  That’s all I could think about after spending dinner with an astronaut who actually walked on the moon.

About halfway through the meal he began talking about all of the setbacks the space program experienced during the “Space Race”.  From rockets exploding on take off to the tragic loss of three of his friends in the Apollo 1 Fire.

During his story someone asked if he ever thought getting to the moon might not happen.  His response was short and filled with a deep conviction – “NO!”.  He went on to say that despite all the challenges, every person involved in the program knew beyond any doubt that America would be the first country to set foot on the moon.

For those of us at the table, it was obvious that this was not some rehearsed response from someone who obviously spends a lot of time at corporate events.  It was clear that 50 years later his belief and conviction had not changed one bit.

The Difference Between Achievers and nobodies 

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to meet some amazingly successful people in both life and business.  From professional athletes to US presidents, they vary in their background, but the one thing they all have in common is their mind set. 

Put simply, they fill their mind with thoughts of confidence and success never allowing negative or self limiting thinking to overtake them.

This is the major difference between successful and unsuccessful people.  Successful people think differently.  They have a “success” mindset whereas unsuccessful people have a “doubt” or “worrying” mindset.

If you want to be successful, you have to accept the following equation: Mindset=Career Success.

The Most Influential Person In Your Life

Who’s the most powerful person in your life?  Is it your spouse, boss, coach, friend, or some other influential person?   Although you may respect the thoughts and opinions of one or more of these people, the most influential person in your life is……you. 

The voice inside your head speaks to you almost constantly every hour you’re awake.  As a result, how you talk to yourself can determine what type of mindset and subsequently, life, you have.

Decades of study from some of the most scientific minds have proven that success really is state of mind.

Turning Your Inner Voice Into Your Most Powerful Coach

We all have negative thoughts from time to time.  It’s prewired into our DNA, leftover from a time when our cave dwelling ancestors had to be constantly aware of their environment.

However, for some of us these cautionary voices which helped ensure the survival of our species can get out of control and envelop us in worrisome, and self-limiting thoughts.  The result is that instead of pursuing the things we truly want and deserve, we submit to our fears and choose a life that is “safe” rather than fulfilling.   

Take The 30 Day Challenge

The good news is that we can crush our worrisome, self-limiting thoughts, and create a success mind set.  All it takes is the following 30 day challenge:

Step 1: Determine your ultimate goal. What’s the one thing you want for yourself more than anything?
Step 2: Write it on several 3X5 or some similar type of note cards.
Step 3: Paste these cards all over your daily environment-in the kitchen, on the bathroom mirror, on your car dash board, you get the picture.  They key is that you want to be surrounded by your goal as much as possible. 
Step 4: Every time a negative thought enters your mind, focus your thinking back on your goal.  Visualize, in as much detail as possible, what it will be like to have your dream.

Here’s Why It Works

Negative thoughts and emotions thrive in that dark “fear loop” that exists in all of our minds.  However, our brains cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. 

Focusing on your end goal (or any other positive thing for that matter) breaks the “fear loop” by replacing the negative thoughts and self talk with a positive mental image, subsequently building a positive mindset.

30 Days To A Positive Mindset

Now here’s the hard part: Do this for 30 days in a row.  And 30 days in a row means without any slips.  If a negative thought creeps into your mind and takes hold, you have to start back on day one and try for another 30 days in a row.

This will be one of the most difficult things you ever try; however, once you master it the results will be truly transformational.  You’ll find that instead of giving time and energy to negative thoughts, you’ll be thinking about your goal and how to accomplish it. 

Over time, almost unnoticeably you’ll start to achieve things that get you closer to your goal.  This in turn will fill your mind with self confidence, and build a virtual wall around your brain preventing self limiting thoughts from getting in. 

Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the life style you created on your 3X5 card.

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