Do This One Thing And Experience Success

Everyone Loves Greatness
Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major in over 7 years, yet he still attracts an insanely large and loyal following because Tiger still symbolizes greatness. People know that no matter how long it’s been since he won, every time he steps on the course, something great can happen.
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The Common Ingredient

The Bad Guys Everyone Loves
As great as Tiger was in his prime, he was still beaten. That can’t be said for Floyd Mayweather. He hasn’t been beaten in over 11 years. He is arguably the greatest athlete of the modern era.

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Although their sports are vastly different, Tiger and Mayweather have one very important thing in common-they work harder than anyone in their sport.

The Obsession Of A Tiger
Tiger’s work outs are legendary. When not playing he works out as much as 10 hours a day. A fellow athlete of his at Standford told me about a rainy night in which Tiger was out on the practice range while others where heading to an on campus party. When they left the party several hours later he was under the lights, swinging, as the sky rained down. When asked why he was up all nigh, he responded: I needed improve my rain game.

Can’t Touch This
Mayweather has a simple philosophy: If he stays stronger, quicker, and more fit than anyone he fights, he’ll never lose. As a result, he trains harder and longer than anyone in his sport.

Not For Me
Despite people’s passion for stories of hard work and dedication, most choose a different path for their own life.

Instead of working to be great, most choose to cite the latest “research” that “proves” working more than 8 hours a day is unproductive (False).

They devour the latest “pop business” titles promoting a four hour work week (Does anyone really think it took only four hours per week to wring that book?)

No matter how much respect people have for an athlete, actor or leader’s commitment to hard work, they don’t follow the example

No Easy Road
Success isn’t a matter of talent, intelligence or ability. It’s the result of excruciatingly hard work.


The Easiest Hard Path You’ll Ever Take
The good news is that because so many people choose to find ways to avoid working hard, there’s a lot less competition for those choosing to dedicate themselves to it.

Follow Your Heart
If you can’t imagine making a commitment to your current business, life or job, you need to make a change. Align yourself with your true passions. Putting in the hours is not miserable if you’re doing something that stirs your heart.

Sweet Victory
Every successful person will tell you the same thing: no matter how hard it was to get to where they are, the victory was worth the work and pain they put into it.

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