Problems Suck. Here’s How To Deal With Them

Two wooden dolls on a chess board symbolizing a problem

Problems Suck Let’s not play ridiculous word games about problems really being opportunities in disguise.  That’s B.S. and we all know it. Problems suck.  They suck a lot.  Big problems suck a WHOLE lot.  However Let’s Be Grateful Despite the misery of problems, we should be grateful they exist (no, I’m not back to word … Continue reading Problems Suck. Here’s How To Deal With Them

Success Requires Vision

Telescope In Hand Brining A Distant Structure Into Vision

Vision: “The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. VISION will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our our commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve excellence. Only VISION allows us to transform dreams of greatness into the reality of achievement through human action. VISION has … Continue reading Success Requires Vision

Settling Is Never The Answer

Never Settle. Man Standing In Victory Among The Clouds

Everyone Is Tempted To Settle Settle for “good enough”.  You read all the books on success and, you followed blogs that celebrate those who push through adversity to attain their career or business goals. However, what those articles and books don’t talk about is that after the enthusiasm wears off the long slow grind begins.  … Continue reading Settling Is Never The Answer

Purpose. Do You Have One?


What’s The Reason For What You Do? What’s your purpose?  That’s the question I always ask my classes.  For most of the last three years, I’ve volunteered my free time teaching critical business skills to adults in transition, or just generally unhappy in their careers. My goal is to empower them with the expertise that … Continue reading Purpose. Do You Have One?

Value Equals Your Success

Grind and Win

There’s No Secret To Success Add value.  No, strike that – add massive value.  That’s the answer I give whenever I’m asked what the secret is to success in a large company. It Really Is That Obvious Frankly, I’m always shocked by the inquiry.  Given that so many people, especially those in their 50s, are … Continue reading Value Equals Your Success