How To Be Committed

Committed To Dream

James Meredith, a bright young man, had commitment-to get a college education.  So he sent his application to the University of Mississippi.  The school rejected him.  Not for academic reasons, but because he was the wrong color. 

Refusing To Take No For An Answer

The year was 1961, the height of segregation in the southern portion of the United States, and University of Mississippi was an “all white” school.

However, James Meredith was committed to his goal of getting into the University.  He applied again.  Again he was rejected. 

After his third attempt he decided to get some help.  He brought his case to the United States Supreme Court, who ruled that James had a right to attend the school.  However, despite the ruling when he showed to register, a mob of 200 angry people blocked his way. 

Committed To His Dream

Meredith’s story made its way to the President of the United States who sent 30,000 troops to escort him to register (as an FYI, 30,000 is the same number of troops the United States used in the Afghanistan troop surge). 

A huge battle erupted between the protesters and the troops; however, when it was over Mr. Meredith registered as the first known colored student at the University of Mississippi.

Nothing Happens Without Commitment

Almost daily I meet people who want to make their life or their business better. The problem is they’re not committed.  Rather, they just like the thought about something better, but are not committed to doing anything about it.

What’s the difference between true commitment and just liking something? 

Applying What You Learn

“Liking” something is spending countless hours and dollars, reading blog posts, watching training programs, and going to seminars, but never doing anything with the knowledge.

Commitment is taking what you learn and actually doing something with it.  Furthermore, people who are committed don’t watch or read the same information over and over.  Rather, they learn what they need to get going and then keep going until they get stuck.  Then, they get just enough information to get them going again.

Eliminate Excuses

People who just “like the idea” of something find excuses not get started.  It’s common to hear them say things like “when I have enough money, I’ll start that business”, or “when I have more time, I start working on my goals”. 

Committed people know that there will never be enough money or time, but get started anyways. They eliminate TV, get up earlier, cut back on eating out, going to clubs with their friends.  Every free minute or spare dollar goes toward their dream.

No Plan “B”

People who are committed do not have “contingencies” or “back up” plans.  This doesn’t mean you quit your day job if it’s currently your only source of income, but it does mean that you’re  only there until your business can sustain you.

No plan “B” means leaving that lousy relationship now and risk being alone for a while instead of waiting until you find “someone better”.

Think of it this way: James Meredith didn’t say to himself “well, I’ll try to get into the University of Mississippi and if that doesn’t work I’ll go to the local college for people of color”.  For him it was all or nothing.  Which brings me to…..

No Quitting

Put simple, people who are committed do not give up.  They do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to achieve their dream.  When they go broke, they save their money and start again.  When they fail, they start over.  They stay with it day after day, despite the challenges and obstacles until they arrive at their goal.

Think of James Meredith in the story above, he refused to quit even in the face of 2000 angry protesters committed to keeping him out of the school.

Are you truly committed?  If so, use the points above to chart your course and live the life you deserve.

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